USAC Quick 6 Series Race

Register your driver with the link above first, then return to this page and use the payment section below!

Payment Instructions!

Use the PayPal button below to submit your payment.

Your first car is $45 (the $5 is a processing fee to cover paypal fees), each additional car is $40!


​You may pay for the registration for up to 5 cars at one time!  If you have 2 drivers with 2 cars each you can submit payment 1 time.  If you have more then 5 cars to submit payment for, please try to separate drivers on payments.

Please note: Your receipt from Paypal will say you've paid MCQMRC, this is simply the name that the account was created under. 

The 5 tracks are collectively working together on all aspects of the registrations.

Registration Instructions! PLEASE READ before you try to register!

No Registration currently opened

Registration for each event will open approximately 3 weeks prior to the event and will close the Wednesday before the event!

Click on the event below that you are registering for, you will be taken to a registration form, fill out the registration form for one driver at a time!

When you complete the form and click "submit" you will be taken back to this page, you can click on the event link again to register or another driver or submit your payment.  When all of your drivers are registered please see the Payment Instructions below.  

Registration is a two step process and your registration is not complete until make payment!  You must fill out a registration entry form for each event.