In order to qualify for the Regional Points Series you must race 3 of the 4 events, top 3 scores will count.

                                              Events Locations: Blackbird, South Jersey (National race counts for Regional), West End and Keystone

You can refer to USAC .25 Rules for the lower mains and points system.  Below are the changes to that format that will apply at all

Quick 6 Series Events, South Jersey will follow all National Rules, as it's run by USAC.

  • NO Courtesy laps in the Heats
  • Once a line up is established, one to go will be given to drivers and no cars can push after the one to go is give.
  • Courtesy laps will be given for lower mains and a mains - Per USAC Rules (legitimate damage that would otherwise not be able to continue - this is not to adjust shocks and tire pressure etc.)
  • Once a line up is established, (where courtesy laps apply, the flagger will start the lap count down) one to go will be given to drivers and no cars can push after the one to go is give.
  • Laps
    • Heats will be 10 laps for Juniors and 15 laps for Senior
    • Lower mains will be 15 laps for Juniors and 20 Laps for Seniors
    • A Mains will be 25 laps for Juniors and 30 laps for Seniors

  • Time limits
    • All heats and lower mains will have 1 minutes per lap, 10 lap races have 10 minutes, 20 lap races will have 20 minutes etc.
    • A Mains will have 40 minute time limits.
    • ALL RACES must have completed at least half of the laps in order to time out!
    • If a race has not reached half the laps and time expires, the race will continue until half the laps are completed.  Once time has expired and half the laps are completed the next yellow flag will end the race or the checkered which ever comes first.

2018 Quick 6 Series